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Cabin Childcare is a private, family run nursery provision, with an established staff team committed to the strengths of working together for childrens well- being and quality of provision.

In our cosy 'Cabin Cottage' we look after under twos in a calm, homely atmosphere, and little wellie-boot adventures into the grounds to play and explore, as well as meeting and interacting with our big friends and staff family in the Cabin. 

In all areas there is a gentle introduction to social interaction with playmate peers, and activities aimed to encourage all areas of development, giving each child a sense of belonging and each family peace of mind that their child is having a good time! This also hopeful eases any anxieties of separation that are perfectly natural. We are here to help with any support at any time, and always communicate and work with you for your child. 

As children become more adventurous and able, usually after their second birthday, we coordinate a smooth and steady move to become a member of the 'Explorers' group. This is when we toddle off across the playground to our purpose built Cabin where the educational activities are presented and supervised for daily learning through fun, in our free flowing areas, both indoors and outdoors. 

The children in our pre-school group who are getting ready to start school in the September are based in the Cabin too and we all learn lots from each other and the fun we get up to!

Our emphasis is on giving each child a secure and sensitive environment to play and be stimulated in, while feeling happy and cared for as their unique needs are met. Individual observations are made of each achievement and interests, and time is allocated by the experienced practitioners to follow, support and extend those interests. We introduce new topics based on 'Our World', and invest our combined skills, and all of our effort to allow the children to create friendships and confidence on their learning journeys. 

We work with families to access funding for Early Years Education, and support interactions with Health Visitors, Speech Therapists, and any other professionals involved with the family. Together we aim to help each child to create positive memories, capture and celebrate their achievements with you, helping the eventual transition to the school you choose to be a successful one. 

Should your child then attend Much Birch Primary School, we have our popular 'Cabin Club' wrap around school and holiday care. 

We are open all year round except for bank holidays and around a week between Christmas and New Year.

This year, our costs are £7 per hour for both the Cabin and the Cabin Cottage, and £6 per hour for the breakfast and after-school club. 

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